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Facebook regulation

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Facebook consistently try to regulate images, comment and hoax accounts. But the question has been raised many times, can the internet really be regulated? This is an innocent image that was posted on the social networking website. The image was removed by Facebook which caused an outburst from the media.

Facebook has had it’s fair share of criticism and with shows like ‘CATFISH’ broadcasting the dangers of Facebook it’s no wonder they are trying to pull in closer regulation, but it just doesn’t seem to be working.

The right to remain anonymous online is dangerous and leads to hoax accounts and comments. This highlights that the internet can not be regulated easily and that in the future a regulatory board will need to be set up.

Jackie Chan death hoax

jackieJackie Chan is just many involved in a Twitter death hoax scandal that left fans hash-tagging ‘ripJackieChan’ in these cases there is nothing much that can be done as Twitter doesn’t regulate its posts or users. News websites will usually broadcast the tweets as Hoaxes but this isn’t stopping them occurring.

It is more common if the celebrity does not have Twitter as they have no right to reply and the hoax can go on for longer.

Kara Alongi Twitter hoax


19 year old Kara Alongi posted this message on Twitter which cause an outburst of campaigns for ‘help find Kara’ groups. The teen did run away from home and used this message as a hoax.

This story was broadcast all over America and the teen was eventually exposed for her hoax message.

This highlights how out of hand massages can become on Twitter. Messaged spread easily and quickly which is why people need to be more aware of the consequences.

Bin Laden twitter story

The death of Bin Laden broke on Twitter as a local in Pakistan tweeted about an event he was seeing without knowing it was Bin Laden’s death.

This highlights the power of Twitter and Citizen journalism which is taking powers away from journalists today.

No one can control citizen journalism and there are no consequences for it. For example if facts are not told correctly or don’t abide by rules there are no consequences meaning there is more freedom in the news today.

Market research questionnaire

Market research questionnaire group done

Heres the questionnaire I did.

I showed some of the presentation to people on friday and got some initial feedback. I only had time to ask five people. I asked a demographic from the age of 21- 25 so we could maybe mention something about how young people feel about the future of media technology etc.

Unfortunately its not letting me upload the feedback onto so I put it on Basecamp.